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Perry Sebring

HS English

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Holland High School in 1983. I have to B.A.’s in English.One from Hope College and the other from the University of Michigan.

Current Position:

This will be my 16th year in education. I was previously at Morris from 2009-2015. I was teacher English 1, but have moved up to English II.

Previous Position:

Before fully getting into education, I worked for several companies in either sales or management. None of that experience can prepare one in the teaching profession. This has been the most difficult job I have ever had, but also the most rewarding.

Family Information:

I married my wife, Laura in 1988. We have two boys, Jonathan and Matthew. Matthew graduated from Morris in 2015. Both boys still live in Oklahoma, are married, and have successful careers.

Perry Sebring

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