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Morris FFA Announcements



Placings for the Okmulgee County Show

Mckinlee Boatner

4th in class performance steer

Reserve Grand Bantam Chicken

Junior Showmanship Champion


Lane Boatner

5th in class performance steer 

Madi Goff

2nd in class performance steer

4th in class prospect steer


Brady Sharp

1st place in class with both performance steers

3rd and 8th overall performance steer


Alyson Kelley

2nd place performance steer

3rd place performance steer

1st place in class commercial heifer

4th in class with both prospect steers

2nd in class with both market steers


Callie Ledbetter

Breed Champion Red Angus

Reserve Breed Champion Commercial


Carmun Scott

1st place class 1 shorthorn

3rd place class 3 commercial


Hailey Steele

1st place in class with performance steer


Case McNabb

6th place class 7 performance steer

5th place class 6 performance steer


Jake Cox

2nd in Class 2 commercial

3rd in class 2 commercial

2nd in class 3 commercial

3rd overall commercial

1st in class prospect

5th overall prospect

Reserve High Point Senior Horse


Corbin Clark

1st in class 6

10th overall performance


Zane Clark

5th in class 2 


Noah SHeedy

3rd in class prospect

4th in class prospect


Nevin Sheedy

2nd in class 


Haliey Steele

1st in class performance


Maddie Goff

2nd in class performance 

5th in prospect class


Jace Clark

Champion Bantam


Rebecca Langford

Grand Champion Market Steer

Grand Champion Prospect Steer

Grand Champion Performance Steer 

Champion Sr Showman


Wesley Langford

Res Grand Champion Market Steer

Res Grand Champion Prospect Steer

9th overall Performance Steer

Res Champion Sr Showman


Brooklynn Wright

Reserve Jr Showman


Cierra Boydston

2nd place AOB heifer


Baylee Boydston

2nd in class and 4th overall prospect steer

3rd in class and 6th overall prospect steer

2nd  in class prospect steer

5th in class performance steer

Joslyn Richter

1st place AOB

Reserve Red Angus Heifer

Champion Lightweight Division Prospect Steer


Carmun Scott

1st place class 1 shorthorn

3rd place class 3 commercial