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Morris Local Show Nomination form. Due Dec. 10th

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2022 Okmulgee Spring Livestock Show Rules Final

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Congratulations to Brylie Owen for winning First Place for the Oklahoma Green Cover FFA Essay Contest! Her entry will be included in the Eighth Edition of the Soil Resource Guide! She will receive a $50 dollar cash prize, and has earned her chapter a $100 dollar cash prize! Brylie Owen along with many other students from Mrs. Burkett's Horticulture class submitted an essay about why soil was important to them and their community. 


Brylie Owen 

12th Grade

Morris Public Schools

Mr.Clark & Mrs.Burkett 

November 5, 2021

Why Soil Health is Important to Me and My Community 

FFA is the future farmers of America, and the foundation for this future is healthy soil. Soil allows for farmers to work the land and provide for America. Soil is a huge part of agriculture, and plays an important role in the way of life. Crops are grown to feed the nation,  soil connects communities, and is the starting point for all living things. I am a senior at Morris Public Schools, and I can say that soil has impacted my life tremendously. I raise Boer Goats to show at livestock shows, and without the soil my animals would never survive. The grass, feed, straw, and bedding are all components needed to have a successful product for the show season. None of the things I mentioned above would be possible without soil. Not only has soil impacted me, it has impacted my community. We have a Morris Community Garden and it plays an important role in the lives of students. It provides a hands-on opportunity to understand how crops are grown, and how important soil is in the production of these crops.  We have had the community garden for three years, and it has provided food for those in need. Not only does soil provide food for our community it provides jobs. Morris is a low income community, and many people get their way of life from the soil. Our community is filled with farmers, so the soil is not producing food, it is producing the way of life. 





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