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Daily Schedule

Prekindergarten Class Schedule ‘23-’24

Ms. Freistedt


7:50-8:00     Room 300-holding room. 8:00- Walk to classroom when hallway is clear.

***School begins at 8:05.


8:00-8:30      Restroom Break, Arrival procedures (attendance, lunch count, put up backpacks, morning seat work)


8:30-9:30     Calendar/Music & Movement, Smartboard lessons (Lang. Arts & Math). Read a story,


9:30-10:00      Math and/or Lang. Arts  seat work/independent practice with support.


10:00-10:15-  Snack Time---Students will go straight to centers after finishing snack.


10:15-10:55    Centers/Small groups


10:55-11:05    Clean up centers, bathroom break before recess


11:05-11:35      Recess 


11:35-11:50      Restroom Break/Smartboard games &  prepare for lunch.


11:55-12:20    Walk to lunch, eat lunch, and walk back to the room


12:25-12:45     Restroom Break/Prepare for Rest Time        

(mats and blankets)


12:45-1:45-     Rest time, 


1:45-2:05     After getting up have a restroom break before PE, smartboard brain break.


2:10-2:50      Physical Education   (Teacher plan time)


2:50-2:55     Prepare for dismissal, backpacks, drinks…


2:57              Line up (car line, daycare/walkers, and bus) Car riders start walking, others disperse to      

                      holding rooms. 


3:05            Dismissal 

               ( Pre-K Car riders dismiss at 3:05, bus at 3:10, and walkers at 3:15.)


Amy Freistedt

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