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Native Education Home

Welcome to the Morris Public School resource page for Native American students.  The Title VI and JOM programs are designed to assist Native American students by supporting access to programs that meet their unique educational and culturally related academic needs. In order for a student to receive Indian Education services from Morris Public Schools, his/her parent or guardian must complete the 506 form. A form must be completed for each student to be enrolled in Indian Education.  You may print out and complete a 506 form and either drop it off or mail to Morris Public Schools, Attn: Native American Education, 307 South Sixth Street, Morris, OK 74445. The 506 must have an original signature to be accepted. No copies of the 506 will be accepted. 

506 Form

Please contact Sanica Lining at or call 918-733-9072 if you have any questions.


Title VI is a federally funded program through the Department of Education operating within the Office of Indian Education in Washington, D.C.   Funds go directly to local programs to meet academic, social, and cultural needs, as well as college and career planning. All students of Native American descent are eligible to participate whose tribe is recognized by the federal government.   Eligibility does not consider income level.   Procedures for enrolling your school-age child as a recipient of the program begin with the completion of a Title VI Student Eligibility Certification. Form (506).


Johnson O’Malley is a federally funded program through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education in Washington D.C.  Morris Native American Education Program provides the operational support for JOM students.  The funds provide school supplies, cap and gown cost assistance, and cultural activities.  To be eligible for services under JOM, you must submit a copy of your child’s Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card, or tribal membership card  Eligibility does not consider income level. Please contact Aimee Mason at or call 918-733-9072 if you have any questions.

The Indian Education Parent Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every other month.  We welcome your input and involvement.


Would you like to be notified of meetings and other event dates by e-mail?  If so, please add your e-mail address:  _______________________________________ and don't forget to check the Morris Public School website ( .