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Important Announcements for Seniors


It will soon be time for the Senior Scholarship Assembly!!!  If you would like to be recognized for any scholarships or awards you receive, you must let me know as soon as possible.  I will start a running list of all scholarship winners, but I won't know about most of them unless you tell me. 



All new scholarships will be posted on your Google classroom page.  Please check there often for new and updated information.


  Now is the time to start finalizing your plans for after graduation.  Once you decide on a college, let me know so I can send your FINAL transcript to them.  Don't forget to check the deadlines for each specific college's scholarships, cut off dates etc. Also, start searching for scholarships-- is a great place to start.



                 THE FAFSA IS OPEN!!! 

You can begin working on your FAFSA starting October 1st.  If you need help, stop by my office and pick up some information.


If you haven’t completed the Personal Financial Literacy course, remember that it is a graduation requirement.  I have posted the instructions on your Google classroom page so make sure you get that done asap.