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Dear Parent/ Guardians of Morris Middle School Students:


Thank you for all of your help and support in the education of the students we share. During the next few weeks, our students will participate in the Oklahoma State Testing Program. Please try to schedule all appointments on days that your student is not testing.  



4/23/2024 9:30-11:30

8th Grade Writing


4/24/2024 8:40-12:00

8th Grade ELA

7th Grade ELA * Due to numbers some will test on 4/25/2024. These students will be notified.

6th Grade ELA *Due to numbers some will test on 4/22/2024. These students will be notified


4/30/2024 8:40-12:00

8th Grade Math

7th Grade Math * Due to numbers some will test on 5/2/24.These students will be notified.

6th Math *Due to numbers some students will test on 4/29/2024. These students will be notified


5/1/2024  8:40-12:00

8th Grade Science








Please encourage your students to get a good night’s rest and to eat breakfast on the testing days. Please arrive at school on time.  Please encourage your students to do their best! If your student must be absent please contact Shelley Williams at 918-733-9072 ext 269.




Morris Middle School will participate tn the Oklahoma State Testing Program beginning on 4/22/24 and continue through 5/10/2024. An official test schedule will be released this month.  Please find the appropriate Parent/Student/Teacher Guides for your students at the links below.


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


Kindness ewall


Kindness Wall



Morris Middle  school has implemented a School Kindness eWall  for students to see uplifting messages to brighten their day. Students, faculty and parents are encouraged to submit positive messages online to share with students and staff. To access Morris Middle School’s Kindness eWall, please click the link below.


MMS Kindness Ewall

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